Showcase, Event & Venue Management Site for Golden Age Cinema

We’ve collaborated with the team behind the Golden Age Cinema & Bar on a number of projects to date, and this was one we were particularly excited to get stuck in to. A visionary team, a solid brand and an audience that appreciate the finer things got our attention straight away.

Our initial audience research confirmed that by far the majority of first and repeat interactions would be fast and furious mobile ones, and would often be referral-based (for an article, share or public ‘like’).

Hand holding iPhone

Everything had to be quick, clear and to the point.

We also had to deal with usability challenges. The site needed to feel light and ruthlessly on-brand, but we also had a full, dynamic film catalogue and add-on services like the bar and event hire to content with.

Works with the business

We carefully traced the steps of operations staff to make sure the site (especially the film program and bookings mechanism) were simple and fast to manage.

Grows with the business

We indoctrinated the client team to take an growth-oriented approach to their site, and we’ve progressively added more advanced features once the core was up.

Built fast from the ground up

Making the site fast and snappy was a priority, so it’s been engineered to be light, lean and quick to load on the run.

Guerilla ticketing

Channeling the start-up mentality, we leveraged the excellent Eventbrite ticketing platform in the background rather than re–inventing the booking engine wheel.

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