A* Website for The University of Sydney

Our first project with The University of Sydney was a challenging one. They came to us with a brief for a website that needed to help guide Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander high school students into tertiary education while also being engaging, interesting, and a Gen Z brand of ‘cool’.

The Project

The University had established a really great educational program, Compass, that was highly regarded by teachers and parents but talked more to them than it did to the kids. The kids needed something (a brand? A website?) they could identify with and relate to.

Our Solution

Brand Definition

Brand and content strategy were huge components of the project. We facilitated collaborative, co-design workshops with other stakeholders to gather everyones input and carve out a unified direction for the project. We also conducted user research by spending time with the very audience our website would target. We distilled the insights from these sessions to inform our content strategy.

Content Strategy

We took a ‘content-first’ approach, prioritising thought-provoking and engaging content because we knew that creating a website with an alternative flavour was going to be important to it’s readers. We know that keeping up with the ever-evolving tastes of kids these days meant producing dynamic, regularly-refreshed content.

Continuous Improvement

Sometimes a project needs continual fine-tuning. The A* kids demanded dynamic, regularly-refreshed content, it’s what set our clients against their competitors so taking a ‘set and forget’ approach just wasn’t an option. Once A* was released into the wild we made regular check-ins to get feedback from real users in real time and make sure that we’re constantly evaluating and aligning with the University’s strategy.

“What I really like about working with Picket Studio is not only how well they understood the entirety of the project but also how flexible and responsive they were throughout the development of the website. The project felt like a collaboration of ideas which they interpreted as a digital/visual language that made sense in every way and we couldn't be happier with it.” — Mary Teague, University of Sydney

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